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[2008.12.02] - Windows Presentation Foundation Tutorials and How To Articles
Some lessons I learned with Windows Presentation Foundation that others might find useful.[Read more...]

[2007.06.25] - Checking for empty string performance tests
Comparing two popular methods of checking for an empty string: check string length or compare with String.Empty.[Read more...]

[2007.04.09] - DataGridView SelectRows performance tests
In this article I'll take a closer look at one of the most recommended performance improvements in C#: using foreach vs. a for loop to go through the items in a collection.[Read more...]

[2007.03.20] - The long way home
Forget optimizing your code, how about un-optimizing it for a change? [Read more...]

[2007.02.24] - Develop secure and affordable dynamic sites
I describe setting up a secure dynamic site that you can host for free at some ISPs. Also introducing a helper tool, the SiteDumper.[Read more...]

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