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[2005.11.23] - SHEdit demo presented.
I held a demo for SHEdit at the inaugural Toronto Windows Server User Group - Active Directory Special Interest Group Meeting. The demo was part of John Policelli's presentation. Overall a good meeting, I showed various things that can be done with SHEdit. Details about the event can be found here: http://www.twsug.com/Default.aspx?tabid=91.

[2005.11.05] - SHEdit research.
Playing with SHEdit I realized that if you give yourself the SID of a user in the current domain then you get stealth access to protected files in the same domain without reseting ownership or passwords. I believe that in this case the SID History filtering doesn't work either because this is applied at the trust level.

[2005.01.08] - HackPerfCounter project added.
I was looking for a way to recursively schedule performance log monitoring sessions in Windows 2000.

[2004.05.02] - Baby Pictures section started.
I am the proud father of a baby boy, here are some pictures. This was getting weird people to my site so it goes away.

[2003.12.21] - ADDumper added to the Work In Progress section.
ADDumper is an offline Active Directory data dumper.

[2003.12.18] - RADPass released.
RADPass is an offline Active Directory password remover.

[2003.11.29] - SHEdit for Windows 2003 released.
A new version of SHEdit for Windows 2003 is available. The Windows 2003 version does not work with Windows 2000 so make sure you use the right version for your system.

[2003.11.22] - Updates.
I received several emails regarding SHEdit on Windows 2003. The current version does not work in Windows 2003. I am currently investigating the problem and I will have a final answer sometime soon. Maybe even an updated SHEdit for Windows 2003.

[2003.01.30] - Toys section launched.
Here are some small programs I wrote. They don't server any purpose but some are interesting while other are amusing.

[2003.01.22] - SHEdit small updates.
I fixed some little problems in the wording of the page.

[2003.01.03] - SHEdit released.
SHEdit is an offline editor for the SID History attribute. This tool goes around the limitation built into the DsAddSidHistory API allowing an administrator in any domain to access any other domains in the forest as any user.

[2002.12.30] - tbiro.com launched.
Finally after a long gestation tbiro.com has been released. Work on the site is still in progress but I believe I'll have more time in the near future to complete it.

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