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Hacking the performance counter scheduler in Windows 2000

I was looking for a way to recursively schedule performance log monitoring sessions in Windows 2000. The built-in options only allow you to schedule once which is quite limiting. After failing to find a suitable tool out there I started to look at the way the OS is managing the scheduling. It turns out that all the settings needed to run the performance log are in a registry hive.

Here is a small application that changes the schedule of an existing performance log counter. It is written in VB6.

How to use:
- register the DLL with regsvr32.exe
- create the performance log the usual way and set all the variables
- close the perf mon snap-in to prevent it from overwriting the schedule.
- call the component to set the new time to run. This usually happens from a script.
- make sure the SysmonLog (Performance Logs and Alerts) service is running.

A sample usage script is included in the archive. Follow the instructions found in the readme.txt file.

One last word of caution: Although this does work for me it is still a hack so it is not guaranteed to work for you. Please make sure you test it in a proper testing environment before deploying it. For the record, I have this running on Windows Server 2000 Service Pack 4.

Download here.

Support forum here.
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